Superpowers for cloud builders

Metadash is the universal cloud console that helps teams easily achieve their security, spend, and stability goals.

Major cloud providers supported

Cloud made easy

Ditch complicated cloud tools and take advantage of a streamlined interface, full-stack integration, automated heavy lifting, and proactive infra optimization.

Built for builders

Use a single pane of glass to visualize and create multi-cloud infrastructure that's secure, stable, and cost-efficient at all times.
Finally get the tools you always wanted.

Service sprawl solved

It's easy to get lost in 400+ cloud services. Metadash keeps things simple by letting you focus on architecture and seamlessly choosing the best tool for the job.

Bonus features you'll love

Spend Preview

Instantly know how much each resource will cost once created

Instant Fix

Resolve most security, spend, and stability issues with a single click

Action Undo

Get a second chance when you delete the production database

Dark Mode

Give your eyes a well-deserved rest during long work sessions

Universal Search

Search cloud resources and more from anywhere in the app

Resource Owners

Assign individuals or teams to be responsible for resources

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Security first

Safe at every step

Metadash ensures that every cloud resource you manage is secured from the start following industry and organization best practices, no exceptions.

Seamless team protection

Authenticate your team with Single Sign On and Multi Factor Authentication (and U2F) out of the box. Track all cloud changes with Activity Feed. Set up your accounts securely with Landing Zones.

Always on guard

Continuous security and compliance scanning informs you about infrastructure changes long before they become a problem.

Spend less

See costs instantly

Metadash provides an accurate overview of your cloud spend across all of your providers and services, available right away.

Get details and deals

See each individual cloud resource's cost in real time, its contribution to total cloud spend, and more cost-efficient alternatives from other providers.

Limit and monitor spend

Prevent runaway spend by setting billing limits, spend alerts (including at individual resource level), and monitoring cost metrics.

Stability sustained

Production-ready in seconds

You can provision logging, metrics, alerts, backups, versioning, uptime monitoring, and a status page for any resource in a single click, the way it should be.

Every change tracked

Metadash tracks every change using Infrastructure-as-Code in version control via GitOps, so you always know how and why your cloud architecture changed.

Moves made confidently

Infrastructure changes can be previewed and queued up before they're implemented and, if necessary, most changes can be reverted easily.

For engineers

  • Manage resources across clouds with one interface
  • Create secure, portable, and efficient cloud infrastructure quickly with automation
  • Track all of your team's infra changes made in console via Git with Terraform and GitOps
  • Ensure your infrastructure is optimized for your workload with real-world performance benchmarks
  • Avoid ops debt by productionizing your infrastructure in moments

For executives

  • Cut cloud spend by at least 30% across your entire cloud estate, including non-production
  • Ensure business continuity and avoid downtime
  • Maintain excellent security posture with secure defaults and continuous security scanning
  • Be audit-ready and meet compliance standards for SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.
  • Meet your cloud governance goals with guardrails, landing zones, organizational templates, and more

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Common questions

If you have any other questions, get in touch!
How do I get started?

You can connect Metadash to an existing cloud account or have it create and manage an account for you. Onboarding is self-serve and takes a few minutes.

Is Metadash a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

Metadash helps users manage cloud resources directly, it is not a PaaS.

How much does Metadash cost?

Metadash is free to use during the beta period.

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